🎲Verifiably Random:

There are two key randomization aspects for the Lost Miners.

First, there will be a verifiable on chain random to determine which Lost Miner token number each claim pass will receive at the time of claim.

This process will use Chainlink VRF with smart contract protections to ensure the random is only run 1 time. Randomization proofs will be published to GitHub and can be recreated by anyone.

All token numbers are available in this random and can go to any specific claim pass ID. Key chase tokens are obviously #0 and #9999 but other low numbers, meme numbers and just any individual holder’s favorite number are all up for grabs. No specific token numbers are withheld by the company/team. Every token ID will be randomly assigned.

After the claim window closes the second randomization will be for assignment of the artwork and attribute rarity. Again, this will be done verifiably on chain using the same process explained above.

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