🔭The Forgottens:

Since the Lost Miners were minted and instantly staked to the contract, we needed an innovative model for claiming these tokens.

So, we distributed 10,000 “claim pass” NFTs as noted. Each claim pass allowed the holder to claim a Lost Miner at the appropriate time.

The claim was the last step before the artwork randomization was run (to determine trait based rarity) and the artwork was revealed.

It was in holders’ best interest for the claim process and subsequent art reveal to happen quickly and not drag out. The claim window was open for 24 hours.

We did not want to run the artwork random while any Lost Miners were still staked in the contract. And in fairness to those who had claimed, we couldn't airdrop Lost Miners to those still holding their claim pass NFT.

Therefore, any Lost Miners that were unclaimed were sent to a random wallet mnemonic. While it is theoretically possible they could have gone to an active wallet, or one that activates in the future, the odds are overwhelming that these miners will be lost forever. They are "The Forgottens."

Unused claim pass NFTs may have their art and meta data updated at the teams’ discretion and the market will determine their desirability as a collectible. Expired claim passes have no future utility.

Only 432 claim passes expired. Some went intentionally unused while others were oversights. We have no idea if there will ever be collectability demand for expired passes akin to an unused game or concert ticket, but they are part of the story. Only time will tell how the market views them.

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