The Artist:

Award winning artist Charles Pate is a critically acclaimed sculptor and painter with an international resume and a home gallery in Greenville, SC. After national success at an early age, Charles enrolled in the world renowned Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where he graduated with honors in painting and art history in 2008.
Charles is a second generation artist and bringing the Lost Miners to life required every ounce of his talents and three dimensional vision honed through years of sculpting to craft a pixel art collection that is perceived as almost abstract when viewed as a larger image but then takes on a photo realistic appearance when shrunk down (ie into a pfp circle) or when blurred (where we truly see how the colors, shadows and textures form a lifelike miner).
Charles truly rose to the challenge and achieved an artistic feat to rival the underlying technical execution. We believe history will regard the Lost Miners art among the best pixel art ever created.