🔀Free and Transparent Claim:

10,000 ERC-721 tokens were minted in the same transaction as the final PoW contract deployment to become the “Lost Miners of the Ether.” The Lost Miners were instantly staked to the contract to await their first owner.

Shortly after the merge we announced a free mint for “claim passes” which would allow the holder to redeem the claim pass for a Lost Miner at a later date. Nearly 20,000 wallets registered for the raffle to claim these mint passes using Premint.xyz.

Final distribution was as follows:

1,000 claim passes (10%) went to the Blokpax corporate treasury.

2,000 claim passes (20%) were awarded to the legacy Blokpax community. This pool allowed 1 claim for each “Card Geek Hall of Fame” token held and the remainder were allocated pro-rata based Blokpax collectibles held using our proprietary collector points framework.

4,500 claim passes (45%) were minted by the NFT community at large using the Premint.xyz allow list raffle.

500 claim passes (5%) were reserved for current and future employee, partner and vendor benefits.

2,000 claim passes (20%) are reserved for IRL distribution to physical asset collectors via collector/memorabilia shows and off chain auction houses at then current market prices. This is a key element that will help differentiate the Lost Miner holder base from other collections. In contrast to the typical web 3 native, most IRL collectors take a long-term approach. It’s part of why the 2,000 tokens allocated to the legacy Blokpax community (mostly long term IRL collectors who came into NFTs via Blokpax) have been hodled at an overwhelming rate. These collectors believe in the long-term potential of digital assets and specifically the Lost Miners. Finding the next 2,000 IRL collectors to make the leap over and join our ranks will only increase this dynamic.

Each cohort of the token allocation plays a material role in the future of this collection. It's worth noting that tokens awaiting future distribution are held in single wallets to allow future distribution to physical collectors via physical activations using private keys without sacrificing overall wallet security. We are excited about this innovative distribution approach and what it will mean for collection supply/demand mechanics as the Lost Miner story spreads and we help make digital asset ownership ubiquitous in the years ahead.

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