🤝Art in the Open:

Another innovative approach to bringing the Lost Miners to life is the open and transparent artistic development process between Charles and the Lost Miner Claim Pass holder community.

You see, our focus before the merge was on the technological execution. Before the Lost Miners could exist, we had to make some magic happen.

Once we had the tokens, we wanted to execute the distribution of claim passes and invite those holders into the studio for the artistic process.

With the community managers serving as liaisons, Lost Miner Claim Pass holders have been able to see the art and attributes come to life. They have been able to make suggestions and have their voice heard like never before.

It takes a very special artist to work in such a transparent and collaborative fashion. Make no mistake, the art is by Charles, but the holder community’s hands have helped mold this collection like never before.

Normally an artist and dev team would be too fearful of art theft and being “front run” to have their collection art seen before it’s released, let alone developed in the open like this. However, the Lost Miners stand on a foundational provenance that can’t be copied. This gave us the confidence to let the community follow along and collaborate with Charles throughout the process.

It’s difficult to fully articulate how amazing this collaboration and transparency between artist and holders has been unless you participated. But it is no doubt shaping one of the most beloved art frameworks for collection holders that we've ever seen.

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