👋Lost Miners Introduction: #theyexist

Lost Miners of the Ether is the indisputable final NFT collection from Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work (“PoW”) era. The collection was created by the team at Blokpax to celebrate the Ethereum merge.

The smart contract (ie the software code) to create the collection was deployed just before the merge and Ethereum’s conversion to Proof-of-Stake. We were the final smart contract deployed under Ethereum PoW.

In the same transaction as contract deployment, the entire 10,000 ERC-721 token supply was minted and instantly “staked” to the contract. This is a key element of Lost Miner provenance because it ensured the entire token supply was minted under the legacy PoW consensus mechanism.

The Lost Miners are the relics of the final mining event ever on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection truly represents the end of an era.

The collection artwork is truly unique 24x24 pixel art from renowned artist Charles Pate. More about Charles and his creative vision is presented in later sections, but pixel art was chosen so it can be fully preserved on chain to ensure the Lost Miners' story lives as long as Ethereum does.

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